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Chakra Breathing Meditations - Layne Redmond - AudioBook CD

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Chakra Breathing Meditations - Layne Redmond - AudioBook CD

Chakra Breathing Meditations

with Layne Redmond

Unabridged 1 CD Audio Book Set

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Chakra Breathing Meditations - with Layne Redmond - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (1 CDs - 1.25 hours):  

About Chakra Breathing Meditations

According to early yogic teachings, your breathing is a direct signifies of unifying and purifying your consciousness. On Chakra Breathing Meditations, world-acclaimed frame drummer Layne Redmond shows you how to tap into this historic technologies through easy breathing practices combined with movement and syncopated music. Guiding you through all 7 chakras (the power centers of the body), Chakra Breathing Meditations includes:

- Yogic breathing to achieve an expanded state of awareness
- Seated meditations to activate each of the 7 chakras
- Standing meditation with full yogic breath
- A strolling and breathing meditation accompanied by spirited drums and music

Your breathing reflects your state of notice -- if your breathing is shallow and irregular, your notice is distracted and less concentrated; when your breathing becomes deep and calm, your notice becomes obvious and calm. Then, with Chakra Breathing Meditations you have a revitalizing unique home-practice system to quiet your notice and energize the body.

Music by Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunjes. With frame drums, Tibetan singing bowl, hand struck bells and chimes, and tamboura.


About Layne Redmond


She's truly the only girl on this list that involves Tony Williams, Roy Haynes, Zakir Hussain, Elvin Jones and Micky Hart, and truly the only drummer on that list whose function is focused found on the spiritual and healing aspects of drumming.

Layne Redmond’s unusual path concentrates found on the hand-held frame drum, the world’s oldest recognized drum. For fifteen years, she researched the history of the drum in religious and healing rites in the historic Mediterranean globe culminating in her book, When The Drummers Were Women. This book details a lost history of the time when ladies were the main percussionists in the historic planet and explains why they are not now.

Layne has been showcased in countless music festivals including the Touch Festival in Berlin, Seattle Bumbershoot Festival, the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, Tambores do Mundo in San Luis, Brazil, as a soloist at the World Wide Percussion Festival in Salvador, Brazil. In Feb. 2002 Redmond’s percussion duo performed at the Vienna International Percussion Festival and in 2006 her group, Sundarhalahari, done at the UFBA Percussion Festival in Salvador, Brazil. In the spring of 2007 she
presented and done at the Univ. of Florida’s Health and Spirituality Program and at Stanford University. In April she taught and done at the Marranzano World Festival a conventional tambourine festival in Sicily .

Her recordings include: The Wave of Bliss, Invoking the Muse, Trance Union, Since the Beginning and she has 2 instructional videos: Rhythmic Wisdom and A Sense of Time. Her meditation cds include: Chakra Breathing Meditation, Chanting the Chakras, Heart Chakra Meditations and her book Chakra Meditation. She was the initially girl to have a Signature Series of planet percussion instruments with Remo, Inc. All Factors Considered on National Public Radio, the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Drum!, Modern Drummer, Percussive Notes, New Age Journal, Harper’s Bazaar, New Age Voice and Shaman’s Drum are a limited of the media that have showcased articles and interviews with Layne Redmond.

Layne is a master clinician and has presented at the Percussive Arts Society's International Convention, the National Association of Music Therapy and in 1998 she gave the keynote lecture and performance at the Healing Sound Colloquium. Some of the spots she's taught or done at are Vassar College, William's College, Bucknell College, Hartford Seminary, Andover Newton Theological Institute, Berklee School of Music, Univ. of North Fla., Penn State, S.U.N.Y., The Knitting Factory, Esalen, Omega, Mt. Madonna and Kripalu Yoga Center. Nov. 2006, she and Karen Hopenwasser, MD presented, Therapeutic Rhythmic Tips at the International Society for the Study of Dissociation.

Chakra Breathing Meditations - with Layne Redmond - Audio Book CD   

You can pay for an AudioBook from the internet using the House of Oojah from our range of Talking Books that we keep in store for sending almost everywhere in New Zealand. You can play your CD mp3 audio book on a Home CD player or convert it to mp3 medium and run it on a ipod nano (or equivalent). There is detail on how to do this over here


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