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Margaret Thatcher in Her Own Words by AudioBook CD

Margaret Thatcher in Her Own Words by  AudioBook CD

Margaret Thatcher in Her Own Words by AudioBook CD

Margaret Thatcher in Her Own Words BBC Audio CD

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2 hours 2 CDs

This title is presented on 2CDs. In interviews ranging from 1975 to 1990, Margaret Thatcher talks about being a female in politics; managing guys and women; her reaction to the media attacks she received in the early days of her profession, and the value of wearing the proper dresses. She moreover recalls her memories of house, including functioning in her father's grocery shop; the radio and TV programmes she liked (including "The Two Ronnies") and following sports like cricket and tennis. Additionally stated are the time she met her spouse Denis; her worries about her son Mark when he went lost in the Sahara desert; her interest in research, and her love of porcelain and sculpture. Lastly, she discusses her endurance and her worst time as Prime Minister (during the Falklands War). "BBC Archive Voices" is shining a light found on the icons of our time. "BBC Archive Voices" qualities interviews with a few of the key figures within the fields of entertainment, sport, politics and literature - several of which haven't been heard since their authentic transmission. This really is a special window into the previous and is a chance for us to hear those who contributed to the richness of our cultural history. With access to the whole archive of BBC Radio and tv, we could today witness a few of the many lively, entertaining and informative encounters in BBC broadcasting. Due to the age and nature of the archive information, the sound standard can differ.

Audio Books are a fantastic method to read through a book. Audio Books is utilized anyplace, oftentimes when you'd have no likelihood to read a book. You are able to enjoy hearing to to an sound book when you're riding an exercise bicycle. Audio Books is a method to gain deeper learning. Men and ladies while hearing have a high capability to connect with all the words. Humans have had a lengthy history of passing experiences on to the upcoming generation by recalling extended complicated stories and retelling them frequently. You are able to convert your audiobook on CD to mp3 formatting check this for understanding on how to transform your audiobook to mp3 formatting. There are information here about what mp3 sound books are elements like the variations between abridged and unabridged and codecs

Margaret Thatcher in Her Own Words BBC AudioBook

You can own an Talking Book quickly through the House of Oojah from our range of audio talking books that we maintain in stock for sending through out NZ. You can play your CD Audio Book on a Home CD player or switch it to mp3 structure and play it on a android phone (or similar). There is information and facts on how to do this listed here


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