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Angels Guides and Ghosts- Sylvia Browne NEW CD

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Angels Guides and Ghosts- Sylvia Browne NEW CD

Angels, Guides and Ghosts

by Sylvia Browne

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Angels, Guides and Ghosts by Sylvia Browne - Audio Book CD

Brand New :    1 CDs 

On this special CD system, Sylvia dispels the prevalent myths about angels, spirit guides, and ghosts. With her trademark candor, she explains to communicate with your angels and guides, and that they're here to aid you along your journey. Additionally, she covers topics from forgiveness to reincarnation, shares a few of her individual experiences with these celestial beings, and delivers helpful strategies on powerful prayer.

Sylvia moreover imparts techniques to safeguard yourself from a psychic attack and determine whether your loved ones are sending you messages within the Other Side. Next, utilizing a healing meditation, she shows you how you are able to combine with your angels and spirit guides whenever you choose to do thus. In closing, Sylvia Browne utilizes her abilities to answer audience issues and shed light on what truly arises when we leave this airplane of existence.


About the Author Sylvia Browne

SYLVIA BROWNE was born in Kansas City, Missouri. At 3 years older, Sylvia’s psychic powers were revealed when she announced that her grandfather was dead (he was), and that she would have a baby sister in 3 years. Simply as expected, Sharon was born 1 month brief of Sylvia’s sixth birthday. Sylvia’s grandmother, Ada Coil, was herself a medium; and Celeste, Sylvia’s mom, grew up in a house where visions were commonplace. Although she herself wasn't psychic, Celeste accepted it as usual, if somewhat annoying. She didn't acceptance more eccentricity in her lifetime, but, and would do nothing to motivate it in her daughter. Their lifelong relationship was strained, but Sylvia’s relationship with her dad was extremely close and loving. Millions of individuals have witnessed Sylvia Browne’s incredible psychic powers on TV shows including Montel, Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight, and Unsolved Mysteries; and Sylvia Browne has been profiled in Cosmopolitan, Folks magazine, and different nationwide media. Sylvia is the writer of many books and audios; is president of the Sylvia Browne Corporation; and is the founder of her church, the Society of Novus Spiritus, positioned in Campbell, California.

Angels, Guides and Ghosts by Sylvia Browne - Audio Book CD

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