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Atonement - Ian McEwan - AudioBook CD

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Atonement - Ian McEwan - AudioBook CD


by Ian McEwan

Abridged 5 CD Audio Book Set

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Atonement - by Ian McEwan - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (5 CDs - 5 Hours):  

About Atonement

On the hottest day of the summer of 1934, thirteen-year-old Briony Tallis sees her sister Cecilia strip off her clothing and plunge into the fountain in the garden of their nation
home. Watching her is Robbie Turner, her childhood friend who, like Cecilia, has newly come down from Cambridge. By the finish of that day, the lives of all 3 may have been changed for ever. Robbie and Cecilia can have crossed a boundary they had not even imagined at its begin, and can have become victims of the young girl's imagination. Briony may have witnessed mysteries, and committed a crime for which she can invest the rest of her lifetime striving to atone.

About Ian McEwan

(From Wikipedia) McEwan's initial published function was a collection of brief stories, First Love, Last Rites (1975), which won the Somerset Maugham Award in 1976. The Cement Garden (1978) and The Comfort of Strangers (1981) were his 2 earliest novels. The nature of these functions caused him to be nicknamed "Ian Macabre." These were followed by 3 novels of some success in the 1980s and early 1990s.

His 1997 novel, Enduring Love, about the relationship between a research author along with a stalker, was very favored with critics, although it wasn't shortlisted for the Booker Prize. In 1998, he was granted the Booker Prize for his novel Amsterdam. His upcoming novel, Atonement, received considerable acclaim; Time Magazine called it the greatest novel of 2002, and it was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. In 2007, the critically acclaimed film "Atonement", guided by Joe Wright and starring Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, was introduced in cinemas internationally. His upcoming function, Saturday, follows an specifically eventful day in the lifetime of the lucrative neurosurgeon. Saturday won the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for 2005. He wrote an post for Chinadialogue about climate change in 2005. His latest novel, On Chesil Beach, was shortlisted for the 2007 Booker Prize. McEwan has moreover created a amount of yielded screenplays, a stage play, children's fiction, and an oratorio.

McEwan's latest completed function is the libretto to an opera called For You composed by Michael Berkeley, which informs the story of the composer whose intimate and expert powers have passed their peak. It is set to be done in November 2008 by Music Theatre Wales.

McEwan is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, along with a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He was granted the Shakespeare Prize by the Alfred Toepfer Foundation, Hamburg, in 1999. He is equally a Distinguished Supporter of the British Humanist Association. He was granted a CBE in 2000.

In 2005, he was the initially recipient of Dickinson College's prestigious Herold and Ethel L. Stellfox Visiting Scholar and Writers Program Award, in Carlisle, PA, USA, and in 2008, McEwan was granted the honorary degree of Doctor of Literature by University College, London, where he utilized to teach English literature.

In June 2008 at the Hay Festival, McEwan gave a surprise reading of his work-in-progress eleventh novel. According to reportage of the reading in The Guardian, the novel concerns "a scientist who hopes to protect the world." within the risk of climate change, with inspiration for the novel from a trip McEwan prepared in 2005 "when he was piece of an journey of artists and scientists who invested many weeks aboard a ship close to the north pole to discuss ecological concerns". McEwan divulged to the audience that "The novel's protagonist Michael Beard has been granted a Nobel prize for his pioneering function on physics, and has noticed that winning the coveted prize has interfered with his function." but denied that the novel, that is not due to be published for at least 2 years, was a comedy, suggesting rather that it had extended comic stretches: "I detest comic novels; it's like being wrestled to the ground and being tickled, being forced to laugh.""

Atonement - by Ian McEwan - Audio Book CD 

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