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Beowulf - Seamus Heaney - AudioBook CD

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Beowulf - Seamus Heaney - AudioBook CD


by Seamus Heaney

Abridged 2 CD Audio Book Set

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Beowulf - by Seamus Heaney - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (2 CDs - 2 hours):  

In his fresh verse translation of Beowulf, Irish poet Seamus Heaney has built a contemporary masterwork from 1 of Europe's many historic texts. Written between your 7th and 10th decades, Beowulf wasn't meant to be read found on the page, but to be heard. Heaney's majestic reading draws the listener into an exhilarating, deeply moving stroy of humankind's battle with all the monstrous. The outcome is an epic of absolute modern relevance, springing from mythic and poetic origins that reach into the bedrock of the English code itself.

About Seamus Heaney

Heaney's poems initially came to public attention in the mid-1960s when he was active as 1 of the group of poets who were subsequently known as constituting anything of the "Northern School" within Irish writing. Although Heaney is stylistically and temperamentally different from such writers as Michael Longley and Derek Mahon (his contemporaries), and Paul Muldoon, Medbh McGuckian and Ciaran Carson (members of the young Northern Irish generation), he does share with all of them the fate of getting be en born into a society deeply divided along religious and political lines, 1 which was doomed moreover to suffer a quarter-century of violence, polarization and internal distrust. This had the impact not just of darkening the mood of Heaney's function in the 1970s, and of offering him a deep preoccupation with all the query of poetry's duties and prerogatives in the globe, since poetry is poised between a need for creative versatility within itself along with a stress to express the sense of social obligation felt by the poet as citizen. The essays in Heaney's 3 leading prose collections, but incredibly those in The Government of the Tongue (1988) and The Redress of Poetry (1995), bear witness to the seriousness which this query assumed for him as he was entering his own as a author.

These concerns moreover lie behind Heaney's participation for a decade along with a half with Field Day, a theatre business founded in 1980 by the playwright Brian Friel and the actor Stephen Real. Here, he was additionally associated with all the poets Seamus Deane and Tom Paul in, and the singer David Hammond in a project which desired to bring the creative and intellectual focus of its members into effective relation with all the crisis that has been ongoing in Irish political existence. Through a series of plays and pamphlets (culminating in Heaney's case in his variation of Sophocles' Philoctetes which the firm produced and toured in 1990 under the title, The Cure at Troy), Field Day contributed greatly to the vigour of the cultural debate which flourished throughout the 1980s and 1990s in Ireland.

Heaney's beginnings as a poet coincided with his meeting the female whom he was to marry and who was to become the mom of his 3 kids. Marie Devlin, like her spouse, came from a big family, many of whom are themselves writers and artists, including the poet's spouse who has lately published an significant collection of retellings of the classic Irish myths and legends (Over Nine Waves, 1994). Marie Heaney has been central to the poet's existence, both professionally and imaginatively, appearing straight and indirectly in individual poems from all periods of his oeuvre right right down to the latest, and creating it possible for him to travel yearly to Harvard by staying on in Dublin as custodian of the growing family and the family house.

The Heaneys had invested a truly liberating year abroad in 1970/71 when Seamus was a exploring lecturer at the Berkeley campus of the University of California. It was the sense of self-challenge and unique range which he experienced in the American context that encouraged him to resign his lectureship at Queen's University (1966-72) not lengthy after he returned to Ireland, and to move to a cottage in County Wicklow in purchase to function full time as a poet and free-lance author. A limited years later, the family moved to Dublin and Seamus worked as a lecturer in Carysfort College, a instructor training university, where he functioned as Head of the English Department until 1982, when his present arrangement with Harvard University came into existence. This enables the poet to invest 8 months at house without training in exchange for 1 semester's function at Harvard. In 1984, Heaney was called Boylston Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory, among the university's many prestigious offices. In 1989, he was elected for a five-year period to be Professor of Poetry at Oxford University, a post which needs the incumbent to deliver 3 public lectures every year but which does not need him to live in Oxford.

In the course of his profession, Seamus Heaney has usually provided to the promotion of creative and educational causes, both in Ireland and abroad. While a young lecturer at Queen's University, he was active in the publication of pamphlets of poetry by the increasing generation and took over the running of an influential poetry workshop which had been established there by the English poet, Philip Hobsbaum, when Hobsbaum left Belfast in 1966. He equally served for five years on The Arts Council in the Republic of Ireland (1973-1978) and over time has acted as judge and lecturer for countless poetry competitions and literary conferences, establishing a unique relationship with all the yearly W.B. Yeats International Summer School in Sligo. In recent years, he has been the recipient of many honorary degrees; he is a member of Aosdana, the Irish academy of artists and writers, along with a Foreign Member of The American Academy of Arts and Letters. In 1996, next to his winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1995, he was produced a Commandeur de L'Ordre des Arts et Lettres by the French Ministry of Culture.

Beowulf - by Seamus Heaney - Audio Book CD  

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