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Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School - Frank Richards - AudioBook CD

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Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School - Frank Richards - AudioBook CD

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School

by Frank Richards

Abridged 3 CD Audio Book Set

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Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School - by Frank Richards - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (3 CDs - 3 Hours):  

About Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School

In the 1930s the Bunter stories in the Magnet became thus prevalent that parcels of 'tuck' would arrive at the magazine's offices for the ever hungry 'fat owl of the Remove'.

In the 1950s, a quite lucrative TV series with Gerald Campion revived Bunter's popularity again and in the 21st century this enduring fellow looks set for another return, newly celebrating the 100th birthday of Bunter's initially appearance in The Magnet Magazine.

Billy Bunter is about no advantageous, dropping sleeping in class, stealing jam and cake from additional boys' lockers, chalking rude details found on the blackboard, getting six of the greatest from Mr. Quelch, failing to turn up for cricket, scuffling with all the surrounding vagrant, Nosey Jenkins, being threatened with expulsion, and usually he be redeemed by his final adventure? A excellent fun CD for every child from 6 - 90+ !

About Frank Richards (Charles Hamilton)

Early lifetime and profession - 1876-1906

Hamilton was born in Ealing, London to a family of 8 youngsters. He started a profession as a author of fiction having his initially story accepted virtually instantly. Over the following years he was to establish himself as the principal author with all the publisher, Trapps Holmes, providing many thousand stories on a range of topics including authorities, detectives, firefighters, Westerns and school stories. In 1906 he began to write for the Amalgamated Press and although he continued to have stories published for Trapps Holmes until 1915 (several of which were reprints), his allegiance was slowly to move.

Heyday – 1907-1940

Amalgamated Press began a brand-new story paper for guys called The Gem in 1907 and by problem amount 11 it had established a formatting – the main content was to be a story about St Jim’s school, starring Tom Merry as the principal character and created by Charles Hamilton under the pen name of Martin Clifford. This paper quickly established itself and anxious to capitalize on its success, a synonymous venture was introduced in 1908. This was to be termed as The Magnet, the content was a school called Greyfriars and Hamilton was again to become the writer, this time utilizing the name Frank Richards.

In 1915, Hamilton began a 3rd school for Amalgamated Press, Rookwood, this time under the name Owen Conquest and featuring a leading character called Jimmy Silver. These appeared as piece of the Boys' Friend Weekly publication and were less than the Greyfriars and St Jim’s stories.

These 3 universities were to absorb almost all of Hamilton’s efforts over the upcoming 3 years and constitute the function for which he is ideal remembered. In the early days of the period, the St Jim’s stories were more concerned and more common. The Greyfriars stories though, evolved slowly over the early years of the Magnet, eventually becoming Hamilton’s principal priority. In all he provided stories for 82% of the issues of The Magnet compared with 2 thirds of the issues of the Gem. If a Hamilton story wasn't accessible, the story was provided by another writer but nonetheless utilizing the Clifford or Richards name .

The Gem carried on until December 1939 and by then the circulation of the Magnet had additionally declined. With England facing a paper shortage the closure of the paper was inevitable and this came about in 1940.

Late profession – 1940-1961

Following the closure of The Magnet in 1940, Hamilton had small function but he became well-known as the writer of the stories following a newspaper interview he gave to the London Evening Standard. He wasn't nonetheless capable to continue the Greyfriars saga as Amalgamated Press held the copyright and wouldn't release it.

In the event he was obliged to create new universities like Carcroft and Sparshott, and also striving the romance genre under the name of Winston Cardew. By 1946 though, he had received permission to write Greyfriars stories again and obtained a contract from publishers Charles Skilton for a hardback series the initially amount of which, Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School, was published in September 1947. The series was to continue for the rest of his lifetime, the publisher later changing to Cassells. Additionally, he wrote further St Jim’s, Rookwood and Cliff Home stories, and also the tv script for 7 series of Billy Bunter stories for the BBC.

He died on 24 December 1961, aged 86.

Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School - by Frank Richards - Audio Book CD  

You can acquire an Audio Book via the internet from the House of Oojah from our range of Talking Books that we keep in inventory for sending around New Zealand. You can play your CD Audio Book on a Home CD player or modify it to mp3 format and run it on a ipod nano (or similar). There is facts and strategies on how to do this right here


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