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Class A - Robert Muchamore - AudioBook CD

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Class A - Robert Muchamore - AudioBook CD

Class A

by Robert Muchamore

Abridged 3 CD Audio Book Set

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Class A - by Robert Muchamore - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (3 CDs - 3 Hours):  

About Class A

Keith Moore is Europe's largest cocaine dealer. The authorities have been struggling to receive enough evidence to nail him for more than twenty years.

Now, 4 CHERUB agents are joining the look. Can a group of kids effectively infiltrate Keith Moore's organisation when dozens of tries by undercover authorities officers have failed?

James Adams should begin at the bottom, creating deliveries for little time drug dealers and getting to recognize the risky underworld they inhabit. He must create a big splash if he's going to win the self-confidence of the guy at the best.

About Robert Muchamore

Robert Kilgore Muchamore (born 26 December 1972) is an English writer, many notable for composing the CHERUB and Henderson's Boys series.

Robert Muchamore began composing the CHERUB books because his nephew couldn't discover any books that he liked reading. He tried to write books that he would have enjoyed reading when he was 12 or 13, a time when he remembers being too aged for children's books but not aged enough to read adult novels.

The CHERUB series follows the existence of the character called James Adams (formerly James Choke), a member of CHERUB, a top-secret branch of the British Secret Service. The organisation recruits orphan kids and trains them as intelligence officers. When qualified, they are utilized to investigate targets ranging from global terrorists to gang leaders. As youngsters, they are considered innocent by their targets. CHERUB agents begin standard traic training at aged 10. Basic training is a 100 day course that prepares CHERUB's for the risks they will face during missions. CHERUB agents are then eligable for missions when passed standard training, CHERUB agents leave CHERUB when they're aged 18, or in some exceptional situations 19 or 20.

So far Muchamore has created and published eleven CHERUB novels, with another 1 in creation. In 2008 he equally introduced Dark Sun as a World Book Day novella.

The CHERUB series has been sold in over 20 different nations and has won numerous awards. Most notably, The Recruit has won 8 literature awards.

Class A - by Robert Muchamore - Audio Book CD  

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