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Dracula - Bram Stoker - AudioBook CD

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Dracula - Bram Stoker - AudioBook CD


by Bram Stoker

read by Richard E. Grant

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Dracula - Bram Stoker - Read by Richard E. Grant - AudioBook CD

Brand New :  abridged 3 Audio CDs 3 Hours

Dracula is an 1897 novel by Irish writer Bram Stoker, featuring as its main antagonist the vampire Count Dracula.

Dracula has been attributed to countless literary genres including vampire literature, horror fiction, the gothic novel and invasion literature. Structurally it really is an epistolary novel, that is, told as a series of diary entries and letters. Literary critics have examined various themes in the novel, like the part of ladies in Victorian culture, traditional and conservative sexuality, immigration, colonialism, postcolonialism and folklore. Although Stoker didn't invent the vampire, the novel's influence found on the popularity of vampires has been singularly responsible for numerous theatrical and movie interpretations throughout the 20th and 21st decades.

The novel is primarily composed of log entries and letters created by many narrators who equally serve as the novel's primary protagonists; Stoker supplemented the story with casual newspaper clippings to relate occasions not straight witnessed by the story's characters. The story starts with Jonathan Harker, a newly qualified English solicitor, journeying by train and carriage from England to Count Dracula's crumbling, remote castle (located in the Carpathian Mountains found on the edge of Transylvania and Moldavia). The purpose of his mission is to offer legal help to Dracula for a real estate transaction overseen by Harker's company, Peter Hawkins, of Exeter in England. At initially seduced by Dracula's gracious way, Harker shortly discovers that he has become a prisoner in the castle. He additionally starts to find disquieting facets of Dracula's nocturnal lifetime. One evening while looking for a method from the castle, and against Dracula's strict admonition to not venture outside his space at evening, Harker falls under the spell of 3 wanton woman vampires, the Brides of Dracula. He is saved at the last 2nd by the Count, nonetheless, who ostensibly wants to keep Harker alive only lengthy enough to obtain required legal information and teachings about England and London (Dracula's planned travel destination was to be among the "teeming millions"). Harker hardly escapes within the castle with his existence. Not lengthy afterward, a Russian ship, the Demeter, having weighed anchor at Varna, runs aground found on the shores of Whitby, England, during a fierce tempest. The team are lost and presumed dead, and just 1 body is found, that of the captain tied to the ship's helm. The captain's log is recovered and informs of unusual occasions that had happened during the ship's journey. These occasions led to the progressive disappearance of the whole team apparently owing to a malevolent presence on board the ill-fated ship. An animal described as a big wolf is watched found on the ship leaping ashore. The ship's cargo is described as silver sand and boxes of "mould" or world from Transylvania.

Soon Dracula is menacing Harker's dedicated fiancée, Wilhelmina "Mina" Murray, and her vivacious friend, Lucy Westenra. Lucy receives 3 wedding proposals in 1 day, from an asylum psychiatrist, Dr. John Seward; an American, Quincey Morris; and the Hon. Arthur Holmwood (later Lord Godalming). Lucy accepts Holmwood's proposal while turning down Seward and Morris, but all stay neighbors. There is a notable encounter between Dracula and Seward's individual Renfield, an insane guy who signifies to consume insects, spiders, birds, and alternative creatures — in ascending purchase of size — in purchase to absorb their "life force". Renfield acts as a form of motion sensor, detecting Dracula's proximity and providing clues accordingly.

Lucy starts to waste away suspiciously. All her suitors worry, and Seward calls in his older instructor, Professor Abraham Van Helsing from Amsterdam. Van Helsing instantly determines the cause of Lucy's condition but refuses to disclose it, recognizing that Seward's belief in him is shaken if he begins to speak of vampires. Van Helsing attempts several blood transfusions, but they are clearly losing ground. On a evening when Van Helsing should return to Amsterdam (and his content to Seward asking him to observe the Westenra home is accidentally transferred to the incorrect address), Lucy and her mom are attacked by a wolf. Mrs Westenra, who has a heart condition, dies of fright, and Lucy apparently dies after. Lucy is buried, but shortly afterward the magazines report kids being stalked in the evening by a "bloofer lady" (as they describe it), i.e. "beautiful lady"[1]. Van Helsing, recognizing that this signifies Lucy has become a vampire, confides in Seward, Lord Godalming and Morris. The suitors and Van Helsing track her down, and after a disturbing confrontation between her vampiric self and Arthur, they stake her heart, behead her, and fill the mouth with garlic.

Around the same time, Jonathan Harker arrives house from recuperation in Budapest (where Mina joined and wedded him after his escape within the castle); he and Mina additionally join the coalition, who turn their attentions to dealing with Dracula. After Dracula learns of Van Helsing and the others' plot against him, he takes revenge by exploring — and biting — Mina at least 3 instances. Dracula equally feeds Mina his blood, creating a spiritual bond between them to control her. The just method to forestall this might be to kill Dracula initially. Mina gradually succumbs to the blood of the vampire that flows through her veins, flipping back and forth from a state of consciousness to a state of semi-trance during which she is telepathically connected with Dracula. It is this connection that they begin to employ to deduce Dracula's movements. It is just possible to identify Dracula's surroundings when Mina is put under hypnosis by Van Helsing. This ability slowly gets weaker as the group makes their method to Dracula's castle.

Dracula flees back to his castle in Transylvania, followed by Van Helsing's group, who manage to track him down before sundown and destroy[2] him by shearing "through the throat" with a Kukri and stabbing him in the heart with a Bowie knife. Dracula crumbles to dust, his spell is lifted and Mina is freed within the marks. Quincey Morris is killed in the final battle, stabbed by Gypsies who had been charged with returning Dracula to his castle; the survivors return to England. The book closes with a note about Mina's and Jonathan's wedded lifetime and the birth of their first-born son, whom they name in the end 4 members of the party, but refer to just as Quincey in remembrance of their American friend.


About the Author Bram Stoker

Abraham "Bram" Stoker (8 November 1847 – 20 April 1912) was an Irish novelist and brief story author, right recognized now for his 1897 horror novel Dracula. During his life, he was better termed as the individual assistant of actor Henry Irving and company manager of the Lyceum Theatre in London, which Irving owned. In 1876, while employed as a civil servant in Dublin, Stoker wrote a non-fiction book (The Duties of Clerks of Petty Sessions in Ireland, published 1879) and became the theatre critic for the newspaper Dublin Evening Mail. In December 1876, he gave a favourable review of the actor Henry Irving's performance as Hamlet at the Theatre Royal in Dublin. Irving read the review and invited Stoker for dinner at the Shelbourne Hotel, where he was staying. After that they became neighbors. He furthermore wrote stories, and in 1872 "The Crystal Cup" was published by the London Society, followed by "The Chain of Destiny" in 4 components in The Shamrock. In 1878 Stoker married Florence Balcombe, a celebrated beauty whose previous suitor was Oscar Wilde. The couple moved to London, where Stoker became acting-manager and then company manager of Irving's Lyceum Theatre, London, a post he held for 27 years. On 31 December 1879, Bram and Florence's just child was born, a son that they christened Irving Noel Thornley Stoker. The collaboration with Irving was important for Stoker and through him he became associated in London's significant society, where he met, among alternative notables, James Abbott McNeill Whistler and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (to whom he was distantly related). Working for Irving, the many distinguished actor of his time, and managing the most lucrative and busy theatres in London produced Stoker a notable if really busy guy. He was completely focused on Irving and his memoirs of Irving show how he idolised him. In London Stoker furthermore met Hall Caine who became 1 of his nearest neighbors and he dedicated Dracula to him.

In the course of Irving's tours, Stoker got the opportunity to travel all over the world though he not visited Eastern Europe, scene of piece of his many well-known novel. Stoker especially enjoyed visits to the United States and Irving was popular there and with Irving he was invited twice to the White Home and knew both William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Stoker was a desirable admirer of the nation setting 2 of his novels there and utilizing Americans as characters many notable being Quincey Morris. He additionally got a chance to satisfy 1 of his literary idols Walt Whitman.

Stoker supplemented his money by composing novels; the number one recognized being the vampire story Dracula which was published in 1897. Before composing Dracula, Stoker invested years researching European folklore and stories of vampires. Dracula is an epistolary novel, created as collection of diary entries, telegrams, and letters within the characters, and also fictional clippings within the Whitby and London magazines. Stoker's inspirations for the story, in addition to Whitby, could have included a see to Slains Castle in Aberdeenshire, along with a see to the crypts of St. Michan's Church in Dublin.

Dracula - Bram Stoker - Read by Richard E. Grant - AudioBook CD

You can order an AudioBook via the internet using the House of Oojah from our range of audio talking books that we sustain in stock for delivery all through NZ. You can play your CD AudioBook on a CD player or transfer it to mp3 formatting and run it on a sandisk (or comparable). There is facts and strategies on how to do this over here


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