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The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection - Eckhart Tolle - AudioBook CD

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The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection - Eckhart Tolle - AudioBook CD

The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection

Includes 3 titles on 7 CDs

by Eckhart Tolle

Unabridged 7 CD Audio Book Set

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The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection - by Eckhart Tolle - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (7 CDs - 7.5 hours):  

"Eckhart Tolle makes enlightenment appear attainable and important for both individual peace and the wellness of the world." - Foreward Magazine

About The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection

With his initial global bestseller, The Power of Then, Eckhart Tolle reached out to folks from all walks of existence with his simple and deep message: that just in the present time could we free ourselves to find our highest possible as human beings. This specialized slip cased edition involves 3 sound sellers with Eckhart Tolle:

Audio Collection comprises of the following 3 titles:

  • The Realization of Being  How meditation opens the entry point to stillness, our largest spiritual instructor, permitting us to merge with this time in time.
  • Living the Liberated Life and Dealing with all the Pain-Body Points a means from the conditioned notice that keeps us caught and unhappy, to a deeper amount of consciousness beyond thought.
  • Even the Sun Will Die  Historic interview recorded on September 11, 2001, shows that even in the face of disaster, a magic arises when we state "yes" to living in this time and no different.

About Eckhart Tolle

Eckhart Tolle, Spiritual Teacher and Author was born in Germany and educated at the Universities of London and Cambridge. At the age of twenty-nine a deep internal transformation radically changed the course of his existence. The upcoming limited years were dedicated to learning, integrating and deepening that transformation, which marked the beginning of an intense inward journey. Later, he started to function in London with people and tiny groups as a counselor and spiritual instructor. Since 1995 he has lived in Vancouver, Canada.

Eckhart Tolle is the writer of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Power of Now (translated into 33 languages) and the very acclaimed follow-up A New Earth, that are generally considered 2 of the many influential spiritual books of our time.

Eckhart’s deep yet easy teachings have absolutely aided countless persons throughout the planet find internal peace and better fulfillment in their lives. At the core of the teachings lies the transformation of consciousness, a spiritual awakening that he sees as the upcoming step in human development. An necessary aspect of the awakening consists in transcending our ego-based state of consciousness. This really is a prerequisite not just for individual joy and for the ending of violent conflict endemic on our world.

Eckhart is a sought-after public speaker and teaches and travels extensively throughout the planet. Many of his talks, intensives and retreats are published on CD and DVD. Many of the teachings are provided in English, but sometimes Eckhart additionally provides talks in German and Spanish. In addition to The Power of Now and A New Earth, Eckhart has created a book crafted for meditative reading entitled Stillness Speaks. A book consisting of choices from The Power of Now is furthermore accessible, entitled Practicing the Power of Now.

The Eckhart Tolle Audio Collection - by Eckhart Tolle - Audio Book CD   

You can shop for an AudioBook on the website via the House of Oojah from our range of audio books that we carry in inventory for shipping throughout New Zealand. You can play your CD AudioBook on a Car CD Player or alter it to mp3 framework and run it on a sandisk (or equivalent). There is facts and techniques on how to do this over here


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