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Empowering the Spirit - Ian Welch - AudioBook CD

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Empowering the Spirit - Ian Welch - AudioBook CD

Empowering the Spirit

by Ian Welch

1CD Meditation Audio CD

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Empowering the Spirit - Ian Welch - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (1 CD):  

About Empowering the Spirit

Do you usually feel tired, lethargic or run down?  Would you like to re-energise your notice, body and spirit?  Have you cleansed or re-balanced your chakra power program lately? 
A complete notice, body and spirit guided meditation that acts to well-defined, harmonise and re-energise the chakra stamina program.  Utilizing color and crystal visualisations as its main healing tools, this meditation is a amazing method to experience a full-body energetic tune-up.  Used frequently, it may assist to restore your stamina degrees, re-invigorate the spirit, relax the body and more carefully connect you with your internal divinity.  The purifying and balancing effects this meditation has on your spirit can equally manifest themselves in your bodily and mental spheres.

Empowering the Spirit - Ian Welch - Audio Book CD  

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