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Feathered Phonics - Teach your bird to speak - Audio CD

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Feathered Phonics - Teach your bird to speak - Audio CD

Feathered Phonics

The Simple Way to teach your bird to speak

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Feathered Phonics - The Simple Way to teach your bird to speak - Audio CD

Brand New 1 CDs  :  

This is the CD that has birds chatting! It's convenient to teach your bird to talk to Feathered Phonics! Simply choose the track you want to teach and hit "repeat" on your CD player. CD involves 96 tracks of words and words including Hello, Goodbye, I love you, Here Kitty Kitty and more!

Volume 1: 96 Words and Phrases

1. Adios (female)
2. Almonds (female)
3. Apple (female)
4. Bye Bye (female)
5. Can I go outside and play? (female)
6. Daddy (male)
7. Dude (female)
8. Dude (male)
9. Four Score and Seven Years ago (male)
10. Gimme a Kiss! (female)
11. God Bless America (female)
12. Great Bye (female)
13. Great Bye (male)
14. Great Morning (female)
15. Great Morning (male)
16. Great Morning Great (repeated)
17. Happy Birthday (female)
18. Happy New Year (female)
19. Hi (female)
20. Hi (fun)
21. Hi (male)
22. Help! (female)
23. Help! (male)
24. Help! I’m caught!
25. Here Kitty Kitty Kitty (female)
26. Here Kitty Kitty Kitty (male)
27. Hey Dude (female)
28. Hey Dude (man Funny)
29. Hoist the Sails (male)
30. Hola! (female)
31. Hola! (male)
32. Howdy (female)
33. Howdy Pardner (male)
34. Howdy Pardner (female)
35. Howdy Pardners fun (female)
36. I have to go to the bathroom (female)
37. I have to go to the bathroom (guy funny)
38. I Love you (female)
39. I Love you (male)
40. I'm a big bird (female)
41. I'm a Pirate (male)
42. I'm a pretty Amazon (female)
43. I'm a very Amazon (male)
44. I'm a very Cockatiel (female)
45. I'm a pretty Cockatoo (female)
46. I'm a Yankee doodle Birdie (female)
47. I'm a Yankee doodle Birdie (man funny)
48. I'm Free! (female)
49. I'm Hungry (female)
50. I'm Starving (female)
51. I'm thirsty (female)
52. Kiss Me (female)
53. Land Ho!
54. Let's Party! (female)
55. Let's Party! (male)
56. Let’s rope us some cows!
57. May I have a treat? (female)
58. Meow (cat sound)
59. Merry Christmas (female)
60. Merry Christmas (male)
61. Mmmmm (female)
62. Mommy (female)
63. My name is: (female)
64. Peanut Butter (female)
65. Pear (female)
66. Police! (male)
67. Polly wants a Cracker (female)
68. Polly wants a Cracker (male)
69. Pretty Bird (female)
70. Que Pasa (female)
71. Row Row Row your boat (female)
72. Row Row Rowe your boat (male)
73. Ships Ahoy!
74. Sunday - Saturday Melody (female)
75. Talk to me (female)
76. Thank you (female)
77. Thank you (man, funny)
78. To be or to not be (female)
79. Trick or Treat (female)
80. Two plus Two means Four (female)
81. Walk the Plank (male)
82. Water Water everywhere...  (female)
83. Water! (female)
84. Welcome (female)
85. Welcome (male)
86. What are you doing (female)
87. What is your name (female)
88. What's uuuupppp? (female)
89. What's uuuupppp? (male)
90. Who let the cat in? ( funny female)
91. Who let the cat in? (female)
92. Yahoo! (female)
93. Yeee Haaa! (female)
94. Yeee Haaa! (male)
95. You look great! (female)
96. You're the Best! (female)
97. Spacing Track 10 Seconds


Feathered Phonics - The Simple Way to teach your bird to speak - Audio CD

You can order an Audio Talking Book via the internet through the House of Oojah from our range of AudioBooks that we sustain in stock for delivery in all areas of NZ. You can play your CD Audio Book on a Home CD player or alter it to mp3 file format and play it on a itouch (or comparable). There is insights on how to do this presented here


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