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Healing the Inner Child - Anando - AudioBook CD

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Healing the Inner Child - Anando - AudioBook CD

Healing the Inner Child

by Anando

1CD Meditation Audio CD

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Healing the Inner Child - Anando - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (1 CD):  

About Healing the Inner Child

Healing the Inner Child is a guided meditation to combine you to the region in your subconscious where the child you when were nevertheless lives, where the values and hurt that child picked up nonetheless linger, affecting your existence even now. This album provides you the chance to begin changing those values, to begin trusting yourself more.

About Anando

Australian born Anando is regarded as the ladies found on the ASHA Foundation, UK, list of 240 ‘influential, inspiring females from all walks of lifetime and from all over the world that are great in their fields.’

She is the founder of the global individual discovery company, LifeTrainings.com, that is dedicated to helping persons realize their hidden potential and resources. Its guides show folks how to bring more awareness into their lives, and how to commence enjoying existence to its fullest.

Anando began her pro profession as an actress at the age of 12 and later she studied contemporary dance at the Martha Graham’s London School of Contemporary Dance.

With a complete change in profession, she studied law in Australia and was admitted to practice as an lawyer in both Australia and the USA.

Healing the Inner Child - Anando - Audio Book CD  

You can obtain an AudioBook on line using the House of Oojah from our range of audio talking books that we sustain in inventory for transportation all throughout New Zealand. You can play your CD Audio Talking Book on a portable CD player or transform it to mp3 data format and play it on a android phone (or comparable). There is important information on how to do this presented here


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