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James Earl Jones reads the Bible - New Testament - King James Version - Audio CD

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James Earl Jones reads the Bible - New Testament - King James Version - Audio CD

James Earl Jones reads The Bible

King James Version - New Testament

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James Earl Jones reads the Bible - Audio CD

Brand New (16 CD)

Hear the energy of the most crucial Book ever created through the many known and talented voice in America, James Earl Jones. This Oscar nominated, Emmy and Tony honor winning actor has earned a worldwide standing as among the right actors of cinema and stage, but he is many distinguished for his deep, authoritative voice that is among the many distinctive in the globe. This reading of the Bible has been hailed as the biggest spoken-word adaptation ever recorded with over 400,000 duplicates sold.

19 hours lengthy - featuring stunning music soundtrack

About The Bible

The Christian Bible consists of the Hebrew scriptures, that have been called the Old Testament, and some later writings recognised as the New Testament. Some groups within Christianity include more books as piece 1 or both of these sections of their sacred writings – many prominent among that are the biblical apocrypha or deuterocanonical books.

In Judaism, the expression Christian Bible is popular to identify just those books like the New Testament that have been added by Christians to the Masoretic Text, and excludes any reference to an Old Testament. The Old Testament is the collection of books created before the existence of Jesus but accepted by Christians as scripture. Broadly talking, it happens to be the same as the Hebrew Bible, still it divides and orders them differently, and varies from Judaism in interpretation and focus, see for illustration Isaiah 7:14. Several Christian denominations furthermore incorporate more books into their canons of the Old Testament. A limited groups consider certain translations to be divinely inspired, notably the Greek Septuagint, the Aramaic Peshitta, and the English King James Version.

The Septuagint (Greek translation, from Alexandria in Egypt under the Ptolemies) was mostly abandoned in favour of the Masoretic text as the basis for translations of the Old Testament into Western languages from St. Jerome's Bible (the Vulgate) to the present day. In Eastern Christianity, translations based found on the Septuagint nonetheless prevail. Some contemporary Western translations use the Septuagint to explain passages in the Masoretic text, where the Septuagint will protect a variant reading of the Hebrew text. They furthermore often follow variants that appear in different texts e.g. those noticed among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

A amount of books that are piece of the Peshitta or Greek Septuagint but are not found in the Hebrew (Rabbinic) Bible are frequently called deuterocanonical books by Roman Catholics referring to a later secondary (i.e. deutero) canon. Many Protestants expression these books as apocrypha. Evangelicals and those of the Modern Protestant traditions never accept the deuterocanonical books as canonical, although Protestant Bibles included them in Apocrypha sections until around the 1820s. But, the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox Churches include these books as piece of their Old Testament.The Bible as utilized by most Christians involves the Rabbinic Hebrew Scripture and the New Testament, which relates the lifetime and teachings of Jesus, the letters of the Apostle Paul and alternative disciples to the early church and

The New Testament is a collection of 27 books, of 4 different genres of Christian literature (Gospels, 1 account of the Acts of the Apostles, Epistles and an Apocalypse). Jesus is its central figure. The New Testament was created basically in Koine Greek in the early Christian period, though a minority argue for Aramaic primacy. Nearly all Christians know the New Testament (as reported below) as canonical scripture.

The Authorized King James Version is an English translation of the Christian Bible started in 1604 and initially published in 1611 by the Church of England. The Great Bible was the initial "authorized version" issued by the Church of England in the reign of King Henry VIII. In January 1604, King James I of England convened the Hampton Court Conference where a hot English adaptation was conceived in reaction to the perceived issues of the earlier translations as detected by the Puritans, a faction in the Church of England.The king gave the translators instructions crafted to guarantee that the modern adaptation would conform to the ecclesiology and reflect the episcopal structure of the Church of England as well as its values about an ordained clergy. The translation was by 47 scholars, all of whom were members of the Church of England. In prevalent with many alternative translations of the period, the New Testament was translated within the Textus Receptus (Received Text) series of the Greek texts. The Old Testament was translated within the Masoretic Hebrew text, while the Apocrypha were translated within the Greek Septuagint (LXX), except for 2 Esdras, which was translated within the Latin Vulgate.

While the Authorized Version was meant to substitute the Bishops' Bible as the official adaptation for readings in the Church of England, it was apparently (unlike the Great Bible) not especially "authorized", although it is very commonly well-known as the Authorized Version in the United Kingdom. But, the King's Printer issued no further editions of the Bishops' Bible; thus always the Authorized Version supplanted it as the standard lectern Bible in parish church employ in England. In the Book of Common Prayer (1662), the text of the Authorized Version changed the text of the Great Bible — the Epistle and Gospel readings — and as a result was "authorized" by Act of Parliament.In the United States, the Authorized Version is well-known as the King James Version. The earliest appearance in print of the phrase "authorized version", to indicate this adaptation of the bible, was published in 1824.The phrase 'King James version' initially appeared in print in 1884. By the initially half of the 18th Century, the Authorized Version was effectively unchallenged as the sole English translation in present employ in Protestant churches. Over the course of the 18th Century, the Authorized Version supplanted the Latin Vulgate as the standard variation of scripture for English talking scholars.

James Earl Jones reads the Bible - Audio CD

You can shop for an AudioBook on the web through the House of Oojah from our range of mp3 audiobooks that we sustain in inventory for sending through New Zealand. You can play your CD mp3 audio book on a CD player or modify it to mp3 structure and run it on a ipad (or similar). There is information on how to do this right here


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