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Magical Healing Mantras - Namaste - Meditation Audio CD

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Magical Healing Mantras - Namaste - Meditation Audio CD

Magical Healing Mantras

by Namaste

1 CD

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Magical Healing Mantras - Namaste - Meditation Audio CD  

Brand New 1 CD

About Magical Healing Mantras

Mantras carry in their sound the magical ability to safeguard, liberate, vitalize, open the heart, relax thoughts and notice, and help the healing of body and soul. For thousands of years, it was recognized in the East that mantras have transforming powers over natural phenomena.

  1. Shiva Shambho
  2. Govindam
  3. Jay Shree Krishna
  4. Aum Shree Ram
  5. Jaya Shiva Shankara
  6. Govinda Jaya Jaya
  7. Gayatri Mantra

About Namaste

Namaste is an global musical collective featuring 25 performers, all followers of the late guru Osho, who play instruments including sitar, flute, guitar, and tablas. Here they do conventional Hindu mantras set to folk melodies, with sweet choral vocals and quiet acoustic plans that maintain an ambiance of gentle healing. The 7 chants here include the beloved Gyatri mantra, delivered as a slow, medieval-sounding round.

Recorded at Dawn Music Studios, Cologne, Germany.

Personnel: Bela, Kimaya (vocals).

Namaste includes: Sangeet (vocals, guitar, sitar, tarang); Gopal (vocals, guitar, sitar); Chaitanya (vocals, guitar); Parijat (guitar); Bhola (flute); Shantam (bansuri); Martina F. Singh (tablas).

Magical Healing Mantras - Namaste - Meditation Audio CD  

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