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The Psychology of Winning - Dr Denis Waitley Audio Book CD

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The Psychology of Winning - Dr Denis Waitley Audio Book CD

The Psychology of Winning

by Dr Denis Waitley

Ten Qualities of the Total Winner

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psychology of winning denis waitley

The Psychology of Winning - Dr Denis Waitley - AudioBook CDs

Brand New :  Abridged 2 Audio CDs 2 Hours

Imagine there are five seconds left to play, your team
is down by 1 point and the ball is in your hands.
Thousands of individuals are cheering.
It's your chance to win!

It's a time you've worked for all your existence. Imagine the feeling. Is it too much stress? Or is it great excitement? Whether you understand it or not, you may be in the game! And winning is just an attitude away. Pressure or excitement, the choice is yours.

The time you've been functioning for all your lifetime might result now ... that unfinished report on your desk may become the ideal project ever ... you may inspire your clients to create unprecedented fresh orders ... your employees might set hot performance practices under your leadership ... or you have the number one time of the lifetime with your family or neighbors.The outcome of the game is on your shoulders. So ask yourself:

* Is my profession a runaway success?
* Am I a champion to my family?
* Am I excited to receive up every morning and begin another day in my own boots?

Winners could really answer each query "yes."

Being a winner is an attitude, a lifestyle, a self-concept. It's a heads-up, full-speed-ahead technique of living and being. It's wanting the ball at crisis time because you believe in yourself. It's an expectation of success to master with your individual coach, Denis Waitley. The Psychology of Winning is not a Pollyanna, "you will do it" motivational lecture. It's a tough, no-nonsense approach based on years of recorded scientific analysis. The techniques it may teach you all add as much as something - creating you a "winner in existence." The Psychology of Winning is absolutely the most acclaimed and favored sound programs of all time. And based found on the thousands of individual "thankyou" letters Denis has received from all over the world, we learn it has produced a deep difference in the lives of those who have used it.

In The Psychology of Winning, you'll discover how to:

* Create a habit of the Ten Steps to Winning taken by all Olympic champions, top sales stars, and top professionals.
* Focus your dominant thoughts on leading you inevitably to victories in every your challenges.
* Create a fresh optimistic lifestyle.
* Know and control the fundamental key to all human behavior.
* Boost your "winning average" with positive self-expectancy.
* Develop optimal self-esteem in your employees, your youngsters, and yourself.
* Harmonize the Three Zones of Growth to keep yourself in the winner's circle.

Nothing could stop you when you've mastered the information in this system. All the additional victories you need to experience in lifetime might flow within the change in mindset that makes you a winner. Don't lose another time. Learn The Psychology of Winning.

About the Author Dr Denis Waitley

Denis Waitley is regarded as the many sought-after keynote speakers and efficiency consultants in the globe now.

His customers and viewers include Fortune 500 top professionals and multinational corporations; business owners and entrepreneurs; Superbowl and Olympic champions; astronauts and U.S. Armed Forces; globe leaders and foreign governments; educators and youth groups.

Denis Waitley is the recognized authority on self-development, significant performance, and individual efficiency. His best-selling books and sound programs include: The Psychology of Winning, Seeds of Greatness, , The New Dynamics of Winning, The Seven Sacred Truths, The Winner's Edge and Empires of the Mind.

Denis Waitley books, tapes, and training have been experienced by millions of individuals … within the many lucrative main businesses, to tiny entrepreneurial companies, to individual families.audiobook

Denis Waitley travels the nation telling the Michael Dell story, gained from his individual experience with Dell Computers, the most lucrative company models in recent history. He's built leadership programs for the U.S. Navy,
participated in conventions with Bell South and DuPont and delivered keynote speeches for multinational financial service businesses, medical services, and universities. He delivered his famous mental training for Olympians during the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

In addition to his popularity in the United States, Denis Waitley is regarded as the many prominent significant performance coaches in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Latin America, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. Denis Waitley has had the #1 best-selling company books, in the Chinese code, for over a decade.

The Psychology of Winning - Dr Denis Waitley - AudioBook CDs

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