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Quiet Mind- Nawang Khechog - Meditiation Audio CD

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Quiet Mind- Nawang Khechog - Meditiation Audio CD

Quiet Mind

by Nawang Khechog

The Musical Journey of the Tibetan Nomad

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Quiet Mind - By Nawang Khechog - Meditation Audio CD  

Brand New 1 CD

About Quiet Mind

Born of Tibetan nomads, Nawang Khechog noticed in childhood a deep affinity with all the bamboo flute. In 1959, he fled to India and invested 11 years as a Buddhist monk before delivering his music to the West. Despite worldwide praise for his function, Nawang solved in 1991 to return to mountain seclusion - until the Dalai Lama himself encouraged him to continue to share the force of his music with others. Quiet Mind reflects the far-reaching travels of the great musician. It is his many individual transmission, a continuous prayer that imparts serenity to everyone it touches. With didgeridoo, Incan pan pipes, and ocarina.

About Nawang Khechog

Nawang Khechog is a Grammy nominee and 1 of Tibet's formost planet music composer and musician. He is moreover among the initial Tibetan musicians to be capable to break into global globe music scene with his authentic and authentic musical compositions (solo and collaborative albums) to be distributed all over the world through different record label. In 2007 Nawang received Tibetan Music Award ( Special Recognition , synonymous to Life Time Achievement Award) and International Civil Golden Award , The highest civilian award of Nepal.

Nawang was a monk for 11 years and studied Buddhist strategy and meditation with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan masters. He additionally lived as hermit, meditating in the Himalayan foothills for many years under the guidance of His Holiness.

He aims to use music as a signifies to inspire non-violence, compassion and spirituality and for the versatility of Tibetan persons. In the last limited years, there has been some signs of interest from PRC governement for the future of Tibet by pleasing the delegations of HH Dalai Lama and Tibetan Government in Exile in Tibet and China. "I hope", claims Nawang, "this might be a genuine signal of PRC government's interest in resolving the tragedy and suffering of Tibet. It is hard to trust but it might present its true face by year 2010. If this might be genuine, negotiation and dialog is ideal for both sides interests."

Nawang has yielded five albums by himself and co- yielded 2 albums with Kitaro and Peter Kater-'Karuna'; a solo album, and 'The Dance of Innocents ' with Peter Kater on piano, ' Wind of Devotion' with R. Carlos Nakai (the many prominent Native American Flutist) ' In a Distant spot ' with R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton (among the world's amazing designer and builders of specific guitars ) Will Clipman (a leading percussionist). This album , they not just recieved the Grammy nomination but they equally got 3 prestigious nominations within the 'Nammy Awards' (the Native American music awards) 'the Record of the Year',' the Best Instrumental Recording ' and 'the Best Duo or Group of the Year '.

Quiet Mind - By Nawang Khechog - Meditation Audio CD  

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