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Rocket Ship Galileo - Robert A. Heinlein - Audio Book CD Unabridged

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Rocket Ship Galileo - Robert A. Heinlein - Audio Book CD Unabridged

Rocket Ship Galileo

by Robert Heinlein

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rocket ship galileo robert heinlein

Rocket Ship Galileo - Robert A. Heinlein - Audio Book

Brand New : (still shrink wrapped)  Unabridged 5.5 hours   5 CD

After World War II, 3 teenage guy rocket experimenters are recruited by the uncle of 1 of them, Dr. Cargraves, an actual rocket scientist, to refit a conventionally-powered excess "mail rocket". It is to be converted to run on a thorium nuclear pile which boils zinc as a propellant. They employ a cleared region in a military weapons test range in the desert for their function, despite prying and sabotage tries by unknown agents.

Upon completion of the modifications, they stock the rocket, which they name the Galileo, and remove for the Moon, taking around 11 days to arrive. After establishing a semi-permanent structure based on a Quonset hut, they claim the Moon on behalf of the United Nations, then set up a radio to communicate with all the Earth.

However, they choose up a surrounding transmission, the sender of which guarantees to satisfy them. Instead, their ship is bombed. Fortunately, they are capable to hole up undetected in their hut and succeed in ambushing the additional ship when it lands, capturing the pilot. They discover that there is a Nazi base found on the Moon. They bomb it from their grabbed ship and land. One survivor is found, revived, and questioned.

The guys moreover discover evidence of an historic lunar civilization, and postulate that the craters of the moon were formed not by impacts from area, but by nuclear bombs that destroyed the alien race.

When the base's Nazi leader shoots the pilot in purchase to silence him, Cargraves convenes a trial and discover him guilty of murder. Cargraves pretends to make to execute the prisoner by ejecting him into vacuum. The Nazi capitulates in the airlock and teaches them how to fly the Nazi spaceship back to Earth.

The guys radio the place of the hidden Nazi base on Earth to the authorities, leading to its destruction. They return as heroes.

About the Author Robert Heinlein

Robert Anson Heinlein (July 7, 1907 - May 8, 1988) was the most favored, influential, and controversial authors of "hard" research fiction. He set a excellent standard for research and technology plausibility that limited have equaled, and helped to raise the genre's specifications of literary standard. He was the initial author to break into mainstream general publications like The Saturday Evening Post in the late 1940s with unvarnished research fiction. He was among the initially authors of bestselling novel-length research fiction in the contemporary mass-market era. For years Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke were recognised as the "Big Three" of research fiction.

The main themes of his function were social: radical individualism, libertarianism, religion, the relationship between bodily and psychological love, and speculation about unorthodox family relationships. His iconoclastic approach to these themes led to wildly divergent perceptions of his functions. His 1959 novel Starship Troopers was excoriated by some as being fascist. His 1961 novel Stranger in a Strange Land, found on the different hand, place him in the unexpected part of pied piper to the intimate revolution and counterculture.

Heinlein won 4 Hugo Awards for his novels. Additionally, fifty years after publication, 3 of his functions were granted "Retro Hugos" - awards provided retrospectively for a long time in which no Hugos had been granted. He also won the initial Grand Master Award provided by the Science Fiction Writers of America for life achievement.
In his fiction, Heinlein coined words that have become piece of the English code, including "grok", "TANSTAAFL" and "waldo."


Rocket Ship Galileo - Robert A. Heinlein - Audio Book

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