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Short Straw - Stuart Woods - AudioBook CD

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Short Straw - Stuart Woods - AudioBook CD

Short Straw

by Stuart Woods

Unabridged 6 CD Audio Book Set

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Short Straw - by Stuart Woods - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (6 CDs - 7 hours):  

About Short Straw

Set in the shimmering heat of the desert Southwest, Short Straw marks the return of the six-foot-seven-inch tall, take-no-prisoners Santa Fe attorney Ed Eagle, in a complex thriller that provides the form of sexy, fast-paced suspense that visitors have come to anticipate from Stuart Woods.

Ed Eagle, Santa Fe's pre-eminent trial attorney, initially introduced in Woods's earlier novel, Santa Fe Rules, finds himself in extreme domestic problems. On the morning of his fiftieth birthday, as he is going to open his elegant unique law offices, Eagle learns that he is in the kind of trouble commonly reserved for his unluckiest customers.

Fast marshalling his resources, such as 2 private detectives, an accused murderer and an ace ex-IRS agent, he starts a campaign to conserve his law practice, his wealth, his standing and his self regard within the astonishing actions of the individual nearest to him.

The action takes his team across the southwest, deep into components of Mexico where nobody is trusted, least of all of the authorities, and through the lush, southern California planet of the really, especially rich, within the delights of exclusive spas and secluded hotels to the ever-present risks of the U.S.-Mexican edge, pitted against a wily and completely ruthless adversary. Full of double-crosses and unexpected twists, Ed Eagle's existence is regarded as improved risks--and pleasures. Witty, action-packed and compulsively readable, it's the form of story that just Stuart Woods might tell.

About Stuart Woods

Stuart Woods was born in the little southern town of Manchester, Georgia and attended the localized public universities, then graduated within the University of Georgia, with a BA in sociology.

After university, he invested a year in Atlanta and 2 months in simple training for what he calls "the draft-dodger program" of the Air National Guard. Next, in the autumn of 1960, he moved to New York, looking for a composing job. The publications and magazines weren't hiring, so he got a job in a training system at an advertising agency, earning seventy dollars a week. "It is a measure of my value to the firm," he states, "that my secretary was earning eighty dollars a week." He invested the entire of the nineteen-sixties in New York, with all the exception of ten months, which he invested in Mannheim, Germany, at the request of John F. Kennedy. The Soviets had built the Berlin Wall, and Woods, and a lot of alternative nationwide guardsmen, was transmitted to Germany, " . . . to do God knows what," as he puts it. What he did, he claims, was " . . . fly a two-and-a-half-ton truck up and down the autobahn."  He notes that the truck was all he ever flew in the Air Force.

At the finish of the sixties, he moved to London and worked there for 3 years in many advertising agencies. In early 1973, he decided that the time had come for him to write the novel he had been thinking about since the age of ten. He moved to Ireland, where some neighbors found him a tiny flat in the stable yard of the castle in south County Galway, and he supported himself by functioning 2 days a week for a Dublin ad agency, while he worked found on the novel. Next, about a 100 pages into the book, he noticed sailing, and " . . . everything went to heck. All I did was sail."

After a couple of years of the his grandfather died, exiting him, " . . . simply enough cash to receive into debt for a boat," and he decided to compete in the 1976 Observer Singlehanded Transatlantic Race (OSTAR). Since his past sailing experience consisted of, " . . . racing a ten-foot plywood dinghy on Sunday afternoons against little youngsters, losing frequently," he invested eighteen months understanding much more about sailing and celestial navigation while his modern boat was being built at a yard in Cork. He moved to a nearby gamekeeper's cottage on a big estate, up the Owenboy River from Cork Harbor, to be close to the boatyard.

The race started at Plymouth England in June of '76. He completed his passage to Newport, Rhode Island in forty-five days, completing in the center of the fleet, which wasn't bad since his boat was among the smallest. How did he manage being completely alone for six weeks at sea? "The organization was wise," he states.

The upcoming couple of years were invested in Georgia, composing 2 non-fiction books: Blue Water, Green Skipper was an account of his Irish experience and the transatlantic race, and A Romantic's Guide to the Country Inns of Britain and Ireland, was a travel book, performed on a whim. He additionally did some more sailing. In August of 1979 he competed, on a friend's yacht, in the tragic Fastnet Race of 1979, which was struck by a big storm. Fifteen competitors and 4 observers lost their lives, but Stuart and his host team completed in superior purchase, with small damage. (The story of the '79 Fastnet Race was told in the book, Fastnet Force 10, created by a fellow crewmember of Stuart, John Rousmaniere.)  That October and November, he invested skippering his friend's yacht back across the Atlantic, with a team of six, calling at the Azores, Madeira and the Canary Islands and completing at Antigua, in the Caribbean.

In the meantime, the British publisher of Blue Water, Green Skipper, had sold the American rights to W.W. Norton, a New York publishing apartment, who had equally contracted to publish the novel, found on the basis of 2 100 pages and an outline, for an advance of 00. "I was from excuses to not finish it, and I had taken their income, thus I finally had to reach function." He completed the novel and it was published in March of 1981, 8 years after he had started it. The novel was called Chiefs.

Though just 20,000 duplicates were printed in hardback, the book accomplished a big paperback sale and was produced into a six-hour tv drama for CBS-TV, starring Charlton Heston, at the head of an all-star cast that included Danny Glover, Billy Dee Williams and John Goodman.  The 25th anniversary of Chiefs came in March, 2006, and W.W. Norton  publish a unique commemorative replica edition of the hardcover initially edition, which is ordered from any bookstore.

Chiefs established Woods as a novelist. The book won the Edgar Allan Poe prize within the Mystery Writers of America, and he was later nominated again for Palindrome. More lately he was granted France's Prix de Literature Policiere, for Imperfect Strangers. He has since been prolific, composing thirty-nine novels.  His publishers have asked him to write 3 books a year, rather of 2.  In 2009, a hot Will Lee novel, Mounting Fears, was published in January,  along with a brand-new Stone Barrington, Loitering With Intent, will be published April 21st.   Additionally, Holly Barker is back in September in, Hothouse Orchid, followed by 2 Stone Barrington novels in January and April 2010..

He has today had twenty-four straight bestsellers found on the New York Times hardcover list.

He is a licensed, instrument-rated private pilot, with 3,000 hours total time, and until lately flew  a Jetprop, that is a Piper Malibu Mirage (a six-passenger, pressurized single-engine airplane) in which the piston engine has been changed by a turboprop, a jet engine turning a propeller (see the Airplane For Sale page).  He sails on alternative peoples' boats,  owns a Hinckley T38 energy boat  and is a partner in a 85-foot Trumpy engine yacht, Enticer, built in 1935 and has been newly restored to like-new condition..  He is today flying his fresh Cessna Citation Mustang, pictured below,

Stuart Woods is again a born-again bachelor and lives with a Labrador Retriever  called Fred in Key West, Florida, on Mount Desert Island, in Maine, and in New York City.

Short Straw - by Stuart Woods - Audio Book CD  

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