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Silent Power - Stuart Wilde - AudioBook CD

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Silent Power - Stuart Wilde - AudioBook CD

Silent Power

by Stuart Wilde

Unabridged 1 CD Audio Book Set

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silent power

Silent Power - by Stuart Wilde - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (1 CD):  

"Here in this tiny book, I'll tell you about the force, its secret, and how to receive it. There's a easy trick you need to discover. Once you've got that, quiet force becomes your unspoken credential. It's a charisma that slowly grows and develops around you. Through it, you could express a specialized goodness that assists people—and this planet—to change for the greater." —Stuart Wilde

About the Author Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde is considered by several the biggest living metaphysician in the planet now. Many of the many well-known New Age, New Thought writers and teachers have privately studied with him, or they have been greatly influenced by his function.

In 2001, Wilde noticed the Morph phenomenon, a task by which bodily fact goes transparent and soapy-looking and people dematerialize.

Watching the transcendental nature of Morph for 8 years, he slowly wrote out in details the topography and actual nature of what exactly is today termed as the Aluna, Mirror-Worlds, occasionally called the Spirit Worlds; much of that info has since been verified by several others, who have greatly added to his initial function.

In the 1980s, Wilde properly described the etheric life-field around people in precise detail. Previously, it was recognized just in vague terms in discussions about the human aura. Wilde wrote out the initially of various precise and verifiable etheric exercises and sensations in his book The Quickening (Hay Home 1995).

Over the last ten years, he has published hundreds of his visions, countless of that have today come to pass.

Silent Power - by Stuart Wilde - Audio Book CD  

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