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Spirit Healing Chants - Imee Ooi - AudioBook CD

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Spirit Healing Chants - Imee Ooi - AudioBook CD

Spirit Healing Chants

by Imee Ooi

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Spirit Healing Chants - By Imee Ooi - Meditation Audio CD  

Brand New 1 CD

About Spirit Healing Chants

Releasing Negative Karma, Creating Blessings & Abundance

In this evocative collection of harmonious Buddhist chants and effective sacred mantras, Imee Ooi, acclaimed musician and composer, guides you on a deep musical journey toward universal love, peace and international harmony.

Spirit Healing Chants gently assists to heal bad experiences, telling deep blessings and marketing abundance.

Composed with genuine compassion and loving kindness for all humanity, this music is made to
evoke feelings of gratitude, peace and joy and return you to a state of oneness with all that is.

About Imee Ooi

Imee Ooi is a Malaysian music manufacturer, composer, arranger and vocalist who brings conventional Buddhist chants, mantras and dharanis (usually within the Sanskrit, Pali, Tibetan or Mandarin languages) into sung versions with accompanying musical scores. She additionally is a classical pianist by training.

Ooi is the musical director and composer of 2 highly-acclaimed stage musicals; Siddhartha and Above Full Moon, and is currently functioning on a musical entitled Jewel of Tibet. The musical is set during the Tang Dynasty and is about a Tang princess who marries a Tibetan king and how she brings Buddhism to Tibet.

Imee Ooi established I.M.M Musicworks in 1997, and to date has introduced over 20 albums.

Spirit Healing Chants - By Imee Ooi - Meditation Audio CD  

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