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Teach Yourself Complete Norwegian Language 2 Audio CDs - Learn to Speak Norwegian

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Teach Yourself Complete Norwegian Language 2 Audio CDs - Learn to Speak Norwegian

Teach Yourself Complete Norwegian

2 Audio CDs and Book

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Teach Yourself Complete Norwegian - 2 Audio CDs and Book

Brand New :   2 CDs and 368 page Book

Are you searching for a complete course in Norwegian which takes you effortlessly from novice to confident speaker? Whether you're beginning from scratch, or are merely from practice, Complete Norwegian usually guarantee success! Now totally up-to-date to create your code understanding experience fun and interactive. You are able to nonetheless depend found on the advantages of the top code instructor and our years of training experience, but today with added understanding attributes in the course and online.
The course is structured in thematic units and the focus is placed on correspondence, thus that you effortlessly progress from introducing yourself and dealing with everyday instances, to utilizing the telephone and speaking about function. By the finish of the course, you are at Level B2 of the Common European Framework for Languages: Can communicate with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes normal interaction with native speakers very possible without stress for either party.

Learn effortlessly with a hot easy-to-read page shape and interactive features:

One and five-minute introductions to key principles to receive you started.

Many instant aid with normal difficulties and fast tricks for success, based found on the author's years of experience.

Easy-to-follow building blocks to provide you a well-defined learning.

Simple to locate and discover, to build a strong foundation for talking.

Read and hear to everyday dialogues to aid you speak and recognize quickly.

Don't sound like a tourist! Perfect your pronunciation before you go.

Tests in the book and online to keep track of the progress.

Extra online articles at: www.teachyourself.com to provide you a richer learning of the culture and history of Norway.

Innovative exercises illustrate what you've learnt and how to employ it.

* Comprehensive - covers a variety of topics and code structures
* Enjoyable to utilize - a storyline running throughout the book keeps hot code in context
* Simple to employ - the code is presented in thematic units
* Assumes no knowledge of grammatical terminology

Table of Contents:
01 Hello! What is your name?
02 I would like to go to Norway
03 On the method to Norway
04 Sightseeing in Oslo
05 John goes to town
06 Hello!
07 Bente's family
08 John is in a crash and ends up in hospital
09 Bente gets a job and John goes to the chemist's
10 John and Bente go to parties
11 Happy Christmas! Happy New Year!
12 Dear Kari
13 Easter in the mountains
14 Seventeenth of May in Oslo
15 Midsummer in the West Country
16 What today?
Key to the exercises
Grammar appendix
Glossary of grammatical terms
Taking it further
Norwegian-English vocabulary
English-Norwegian vocabulary

About the Author
Margaretha Danbolt Simons is Norwegian, but has lived in England for years. She has been training at the University of Surrey for the last ten years. Her course, Norwegian ab initio, that is piece of the MA/Diploma in Translation Studies, attracts 15-20 pupils per year. She utilizes her own book 'Teach yourself Norwegian' as her textbook and principal training help. Other topics she teaches at the University of Surrey are Medical and Literary translation, English into Norwegian, and an introductory course of Interpreting.
She runs 2 Norwegian classes at the Guildford Adult Education Centre, 1 for newbies and 1 intermediate, and teaches on a one-to-one basis. Students include diplomats and businesspeople.

About the Norwegian Language

Norwegian (norsk) is a North Germanic code spoken generally in Norway, where it is actually an official code. Together with Swedish and Danish, Norwegian types a continuum of almost mutually intelligible regional and territorial variants. These continental Scandinavian languages together with all the insular languages Faroese, Icelandic, plus some extinct languages, constitute the North Germanic languages (also known as Scandinavian languages). Faroese and Icelandic are no longer mutually intelligible with Norwegian in their spoken shape, because continental Scandinavian has diverged from them.audiobook

As established by law and governmental plan, there are 2 official types of created Norwegian — Bokmål (virtually "book language") and Nynorsk (virtually "brand-new Norwegian"). The Norwegian Language Council recommends the terms "Norwegian Bokmål" and "Norwegian Nynorsk" in English.

There is not any officially sanctioned standard of spoken Norwegian, but the sociolect of the urban upper and center class in East Norway, upon which Bokmål is basically based, is the shape mostly taught to foreign pupils. This thus called Standard Østnorsk (Standard East Norwegian) is considered a de facto spoken standard for Bokmål.

From the 16th to the 19th decades, Danish was the standard created code of Norway. As a outcome, the development of contemporary created Norwegian has been topic to strong controversy connected to nationalism, rural vs urban discourse, and Norway's literary history. Historically, Bokmål is a Norwegianized range of Danish, while Nynorsk is a code shape based on Norwegian dialects and puristic opposition to Danish. The today abandoned official plan to merge Bokmål and Nynorsk into 1 prevalent code called Samnorsk through a series of spelling reforms has built a broad spectrum of types of both Bokmål and Nynorsk. The unofficial shape well-known as Riksmål is considered more conservative than Bokmål, and the unofficial Høgnorsk more conservative than Nynorsk.

Norwegians are educated in both Bokmål and Nynorsk. A 2005 poll indicates that 86.3% utilize generally Bokmål as their daily created code, 5.5% utilize both Bokmål and Nynorsk, and 7.5% employ generally Nynorsk. So just 13% are frequently composing Nynorsk, although most speak dialects that resemble Nynorsk more carefully than Bokmål.[citation needed] Broadly talking, Bokmål and Riksmål are more commonly watched in urban and suburban areas; Nynorsk is enjoyed in rural regions, very in Western Norway. The Norwegian broadcasting corporation (NRK) broadcasts in both Bokmål and Nynorsk, and all governmental agencies are needed to help both created languages. Bokmål is selected in 92% of all created magazines, Nynorsk in 8% (2000). In spite of concern that Norwegian dialects would eventually provide method to a usual, spoken, Norwegian code close to Bokmål, dialects find noticeable help in neighborhood conditions, common opinion, and public plan.

Norwegian is regarded as the functioning languages of the Nordic Council. Under the Nordic Language Convention, residents of the Nordic nations talking Norwegian have the chance to utilize their native code when interacting with official bodies in additional Nordic nations without being liable to any interpretation or translation fees.

Teach Yourself Complete Norwegian - 2 Audio CDs and Book

You can purchase an AudioBook over the internet through the House of Oojah from our range of audio books that we keep in stock for delivery around New Zealand. You can play your CD Audio Talking Book on a Home CD player or transfer it to mp3 formatting and run it on a ipod device (or related). There is ideas on how to do this listed here


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