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The Wisdom of the Breath - Bodhipaksa - AudioBook CD

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The Wisdom of the Breath - Bodhipaksa - AudioBook CD

The Wisdom of the Breath

by Bodhipaksa

Unabridged 2CD Audio Book Set

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The Wisdom of the Breath - by Bodhipaksa - Audio Book CD  

Brand New (2 hours 2 CDs):  

About The Wisdom of the Breath

The answers to the many deep spiritual concerns lie within us—but how do we gain access to our deepest wisdom? “Breathing is a gateway to insight,” reveals Scottish-born instructor Bodhipaksa, “and meditation offers us the key.” On The Wisdom of Your Breath, this master instructor guides listeners through breath-centered meditations for opening to the internal core of spiritual awareness we all possess.With these 3 necessary practices, he reveals how the breathing will enable you:

  • Let go of the past and future, and rest in pure presence
  • Dissolve the sense of separateness to have oneness with all the planet around you
  • Embrace the necessary impermanence of all lifetime with serenity and joy
  • Tap into your all-natural wisdom by exploring the breathing as a metaphor for living

Whether you’re experimenting with meditation for the very first time or have been practicing for a long time, concentrating found on the breathing is a vital technique for realizing internal peace and clearness. Join this accessible and knowledgeable instructor for 3 invaluable practices to nourish your spiritual development with The Wisdom of the Breath.

About Bodhipaksa

I’m a Buddhist instructor and writer living in New Hampshire, but initially from Scotland.

I got the Sanskrit name (meaning “Wings of Enlightenment,” incidentally) when I joined the Western Buddhist Order in 1993, after 11 years of Buddhist practice. I practice at Aryaloka Buddhist Center, that is only down the road.

I run Wildmind, that has a mission to spread compassion and mindfulness through the practice of Buddhist meditation. We provide a comprehensive self-paced guide to a range of meditation techniques and perfectly as a usual stream of articles in our blog. We also publish guided meditation CDs. Wildmind’s where I do the bulk of my writing.

I teach meditation and Buddhism in prison. That’s an incredibly pleasing thing to do.

I like kayaking and photography. I love reading and videos. Occasionally I hike, but I’ve been getting lazier as I’ve been getting elder.

In 2006 my spouse and I adopted a baby girl from Ethiopia, and that’s been more pleasing than I may have imagined. And then in 2009 we did it again and adopted a baby boy, furthermore from Ethiopia.

The Wisdom of the Breath - by Bodhipaksa - Audio Book CD  

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