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Yoga Nidra - Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati - Meditation Audio CD

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Yoga Nidra - Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati - Meditation Audio CD

Yoga Nidra

by Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati

1 CD

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Yoga Nidra - By Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati - Meditation Audio CD  

Brand New 1 CD

About Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is best for the launch of bodily strain, anxiousness and mental tension. It takes you into a deep state of relaxation where the deeper notice is accessed to release tension and achieve rejuvenation on a subtle level.

An significant aspect of Yoga Nidra is Sankalpa or Resolve where we create a positive affirmation of individual choice to plant in the notice when it is actually open and receptive.
Select your Sankalpa smartly & employ it daily to bring love, strength and joy to your heart and notice. This practice of Yoga Nidra was built by the master Swami Satyananda Saraswati and is today utilized throughout the planet as an significant meditation and relaxation practice.

During Yoga Nidra deep states of relaxation and meditation perhaps experienced so it's significant you are not disturbed during the practice.

This CD has been crafted to suit into any schedule, consequently there are 3 Yoga Nidra practices of different lengths; 11, 20 and 30 minutes. The 2 less Yoga Nidras are many appropriate for novices. The 30 minute practice on this CD has been tailored to aid those with spinal misalignment, osteoporosis, back pain and sleeplessness. You are able to hear to the extended practice as you fall asleep at evening. This can aid in attaining a deep restful rest.

About Terry Oldfield

I was born to an Irish mom and an English Father in a Northern suburb of London called Palmers Green.

To break clear of the conventions that society had placed upon me has been my aim ever since I was about 18 years aged. Religion for me as a child was merely another boring topic at school, 1 that had a very boring useful side, keeping me away within the significant items like sports and fishing. It was just when I came up against a few of the unanswerable issues in lifetime that my “Spiritual” quest began.

Traveling has led me to have the desirable variety of lifetime on this world. It was during a remain found on the island of Hydra in Greece that I noticed the flute for the very first time. I also travelled to Australia when I was 20 and started a relationship with all the land downunder that has drawn me to reside and function there .

Writing and playing music is a beautiful tool for me. It brings the entire maelstrom of thinking to a halt. I’m certain any artist would state the same, that the creative task is really worthwhile in this method - That it reconnects or puts the creator in touch with himself, with that inexhaustible flow of stamina and energy that is constantly there,but just in this present time that is eternity unfolding.

I find existence harder and less meaningful if I can’t function. I have heard different artists state the same - not merely musicians. I feel it is very an vitality - flow thing. I usually question whether I would nonetheless write music if nobody ever listened.

And what of today - this ever evasive can o the wisp we call the present. Occasionally it carries me alive and kicking and different occasions I try to be carried but more frequently than not in the words of John Lennon ‘Life is what occurs to me while I’m creating additional plans’

About Soraya Saraswati

I was born in Brisbane Australia in 1960, and as a child grew up in rural Queensland and the Northern Territory. Perhaps this might be why I developed an awe and drawing toward nature, the ocean and the bush have constantly been places of communion for my soul. I was spared any formal religion as a child, being in the woodland was how I felt close to my God. At the age of 21 disillusioned with all the duties and strain of the globe I left it in the formal sense, donned orange robes and invested 8 years living a yogic life-style and training yoga & meditation in Satyananda Ashrams. This really is where I developed my love for the tonal sanskrit code, mantra and chant.  This time instilled in me perfect self discipline and dedication to a balanced life-style, and high purpose, still with all the desire for a family and the learning that I today required to have what I had learned in the Big Wide World I  left ashram lifetime. Since then I have continued exploring  the quest of humanity for joy, wellness and mental peace. My exploration has led me to travel and to research naturopathy, nutrition, reiki and spiritual healing and holistic living. I today place all these abilities together and provide a balanced holistic and Intuitive approach to wellness, healing and the quest to achieve moksha - liberation from all that keeps us bound to pain on any amount of our being.

Music is the universal code of the soul and I motivate others to set their inhibitions aside and sing with an open heart. With normal Kirtan gatherings here at Mandala we sing together with an open heart sharing time with like minded neighbors.

It has been my terrific privilage  in recent years to function with Terry my spouse and dearest friend who’s musical ability is both deep and inspiring. Through private consultations, yoga classes, workshops and retreats we provide our tools for transformation.

Soraya is a totally Qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Naturopath and Therapist with 30 years experience. A.T.M.S Registration 3362

Yoga Nidra - By Terry Oldfield and Soraya Saraswati - Meditation Audio CD  

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